Call Center Blogs Worth Bookmarking

Since we developed a few months ago, I’ve become more active in the blogosphere. I’ve discovered several great web sites and blogs that help me keep up-to-date on the latest contact center news and discussion. Thought I’d share a few of my favorites:

  • Cisco’s Contact Center Blog – Cisco is an Inova partner, so we like to keep a close watch on their latest innovations. They have some great discussions about how to best leverage your Cisco system.
  • Avaya Insights Blog – Avaya is another Inova partner and a major player in the industry. If you utilize Avaya, it is a good idea to check out their contact center-related blog topics.
  • The Service Level Group Blog – Our friend Tim Montgomery pens this blog, and shares some great insight on improving service in call centers. You can also check out the white paper that Tim wrote for Inova a couple years ago.
  • The Readerboard – TMCnet writes an interesting blog that discusses contact center and CRM views and analysis.
  • Contact Center: Unplugged – Aspect’s contact center blog tackles some interesting topics, including a recent post on best practices for managing agents’ performance.
  • Interactive Intelligence Blog – This blog takes the cake for most frequent updates, and their posts always seem relevant to contact center key issues. Worth a read.
  • Inova Resource Library – Okay, this is not a blog, but it’s still a great spot for call center white papers. And we hate it when companies ask you to fill out a form to access their resources…so we don’t do it. All white papers are available online for free, and you don’t need to trade your contact info to get them. Our latest white paper discusses the challenges of remote agent management.

And of course, keep coming back to this blog –! We add new articles nearly every day, and topics range from call center technology to HR best practices and much more.

Did I miss anything? Do you know of any great call center resources I haven’t mentioned?

About Maureen:
Maureen has been a contract technical writer at Inova Solutions since 2011 and is a graduate of James Madison University. Maureen lives in Charlottesville, VA with roots in Baltimore, MD. You can contact her at


  1. We are a niche contact centre consultancy and offer blogs and thought leadership on all aspects of call and contact centre operations. I think its great, but I could be said to be biased…..

    The site address is

    ps. happy to connect on linkedin

  2. Robert says:


    Snowfly specializes in contact center motivation and incentives. The founder is Dr. Brooks Mitchell and he is a well known expert in this area. I think both the Snowfly blog and regular Snowfly web site’s White Papers and Research will be educational for your readers.

  3. These blogs are really worth to read and share among the friends & others because they hold the shier knowledge and latest call center industry updates.

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